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        Budgeting Tools

A simple Budget calculator from ASIC HERE

        Super – Saving for Retirement Simulator

A tool designed to give you a sense of how much you may need to retire and whether you are on track. This will help you see the long term effects on your superannuation for the things you can control. Click HERE to launch the calculator.

        Retirement Simulator

A free, easy-to-use tool that will give you an indication of how much you can spend in retirement, and how long your funds might last.  Click HERE to launch the calculator.

        Extra Loan Repayments Calculator

Calculate how quickly you can pay off your home loan by making extra repayments. Click HERE to launch the calculator.

        Property Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate how much stamp duty will cost on a property purchase. Click HERE to launch the calculator.

        Mortgage Offset Calculator

A mortgage offset account can really help reduce the interest you pay on your mortgage. Calculate how much you could benefit using an offset account. Click HERE to launch the calculator.

        Dollar Cost Averaging Calculator

Do you know how dollar cost averaging works? Do you know what difference it can make when you invest a single lump sum compared to investing small amounts regularly over a period of time? Use our ‘Dollar cost averaging calculator’ to see how these options can compare over time. Click HERE to launch the calculator.