Advice Process

Financial planning is a journey. Unlike a banking relationship that focuses on the one transaction, we hope to be there with you for the long haul. In order to start this journey with you, there is a process to be mapped out:


Meet with you for an obligation free consultation

We hope to discuss your expectations and explain to you our services. There is no cost for this consultation.


Information gathering

Hand in hand with Step 1, this step involves ‘getting to know you’. Understanding where you are financially and an idea of your current lifestyle.


Identify your goals

This is an important step as it will be developed from the first two steps. With information gathered, we can align them to the goals you hope to achieve from our plan.


Develop strategies

This is the step where we will look at the information and strategize a plan to meet your goals. At Approved, you won’t just get one planner to assist in looking at your strategy, but up to six contribute to your individual plan. Once a strategy is developed, we will write it all out in a Statement of Advice (SOA).


Reviewing the recommendations

Once the SOA is ready, it will be presented to you and we will discuss the options to put you in the best position.


Implement the agreed recommendations

If you’re happy to proceed with your personal financial advice, we will manage the process of implementing our recommendations, and provide you with a complete end-to-end advice process.


Review the plan and portfolio

To ensure our recommendations are keeping you on track, we agree a time frame for our next meeting to review your current financial position, needs and objectives.