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At any stage of your life, Approved Financial Planners, your local financial advisor Perth, can help you enjoy life right now while building for your future.

We have more than 40 combined years’ experience in helping people like you plan their futures.

From helping you get the right loan to wealth protection and financial planning, Approved Financial Planners can provide all you need under one roof.

For further advice please take a few minutes to review the Life Stages section relevant to your current financial planning needs and click on the link under each section to read more…

Young Adults

As a young adult, you may have the most flexibility you’ll have in your entire life.

You probably aren’t married as yet or tied down by excessive debt.

You may have a lot of life ahead of you, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your future.

  • Do you want to still be doing the same thing you’re doing now in 40 years with nothing to show for it?
  • Are you saving for a deposit on your first home?
  • Will you have enough money for a great lifestyle when you retire?

On our Young Adults page, we have more information on how you can start building a better future right now.

Young Families

If you are like many young families, you may have just bought your first home and have a baby and a toddler.

You may work too many hours but still have to run a very tight budget.

  • Are you saving for your children’s education?
  • Have you paid off any “bad debt?”
  • Are you putting anything away for retirement?

Our Young Families page has more information on how a financial advisor can help you take care of your family now and in the future.

Mature Families

How has your family’s financial life worked out so far?

At this stage in life, you probably live in a large home. Your children may be in high school or in college. You may feel like you’re “stuck in a rut.”

  • Are you “getting anywhere” financially or are you just getting by?
  • Is your money working for you yet?
  • Are you at the point where you might finally be ready to buy that first investment property?
  • Do you have a realistic retirement date set for your future?

Visit our Mature Families page. It may be time to talk to a financial planner about your future.

Empty Nesters

Now that the kids have all left home, you have had more time to think about where you are at in life.

You may have climbed as far up the ladder at work as you want to or you may be ready for that one big promotion you’ve worked your whole life for. But there still may be some “unfinished business” in your financial portfolio.

  • Is your “nest egg” going to be enough to help you live comfortably when you retire?
  • Have you set a retirement date and desired income yet?
  • Is your retirement money going to last as long as you do?
  • Will you be able to secure a financial legacy for your children?

Visit our Empty Nesters page to learn how we can help you answer some of these questions.


If you are retired and reading this, there is a chance things aren’t as perfect as you wanted them to be.

You have worked long and hard and you deserve a comfortable retirement.

Even though your earning years are over, there are still things you can do to maximise your retirement.

  • Are you satisfied with your current standard of living?
  • Is your money enough to get you through your entire lifespan?
  • Will there be any money left for your children or grandchildren?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, visit our Retirees page. We can help you make the most of what you have.

No matter which life stage you are at Approved Financial Planners your expert financial advisor Perth has the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the advice you need to start securing your financial future.