Empty Nesters

Are You Approaching Retirement Age but Don’t Know if You Have Enough Money to Live Comfortably?

This is the life period known as “empty nesters.” You have worked hard your whole life and now your career is beginning to wind down. At this point in your life, you have probably accumulated much of what you are going to accumulate, but you may have more time and money to invest in a better future.

Your home mortgage may be close to being paid off. You may have also paid off our car and lowered your personal debt, such as credit and store cards. At this point, you may be looking to purchase an investment property or two. You may also be looking for other investment opportunities.

At Approved Financial Planners, we can help you get the most out of your transitional years. You have worked hard and raised a family. Though you are well into the last half of your work life, there may still be some investments you can make to get the most out of your last decade in the workforce.

One of our financial planners can take a look at your assets and debts to formulate a coherent plan for you. Here are some things we typically do for those nearing retirement.

  • Organise your affairs to help you maximise your remaining years in the workforce.
  • Structure your finances to provide maximum access to everything you’re entitled to, such as age pension and other social security benefits.
  • Advice on transitioning to retirement.
  • Superannuation advice.
  • Advice on maximising your current investments: which to hold on to and which to “cash in.”
  • Advice on new investment opportunities to help “raise the bar” for your retirement.
  • Estate planning advice to ensure that your heirs are properly taken care of with minimum tax liability.

The transition from workforce to retirement can be exciting but scary if you haven’t fully planned out your future. We can help you come up with an individualised plan that can give you peace of mind heading into your golden years.