Wealth Protection Advice – Perth WA

Protect what is most important to you.

At Approved Financial Planners we take a holistic approach to your financial wellbeing and believe in protecting what you have before moving forward to assist you build your retirement savings.

Investing in insurance provides peace of mind for you and your family so that if something unexpected does occur, your financial security, lifestyle, hopes and dreams for the future are not placed in jeopardy.

Approved can provide you and your family with a tailored basic, or comprehensive risk strategy that is suited to your current circumstances and can also provide an annual review to ensure that your policies always remain current and relevant to your changing circumstances.

We understand how to structure your insurance in the most tax effective way and also carefully consider your cash flow requirements with premiums able to be structured so as not to impact on your day to day cash flow.

Key questions worth considering;

  • Do you have enough life insurance to cover your outstanding level of debt and substitute for the loss of income you provide to your family?
  • Do you have Income Protection in place to protect against the inability to return to work and earn an income?
  • Are you paying Life insurances out of your day to day cash flow that could be paid from your Superannuation?
  • Do you have your insurances reviewed annually to ensure you have the best quality policy at the most affordable premiums?

If you have answered no to any of the above questions we suggest you seek professional financial advice from one of Approved Financial Planners who are experienced to address any aspect of your insurances that may be of concern.

Contact Approved today and let us help you achieve your financial goals.

Types of insurances we offer

Income Protection Insurance (Agreed Value or Indemnity) provides replacement of your income while you are Totally or Partially Disabled and unable to work as a result of either sickness or injury. Cover is provided on a 24/7 basis and covers the individual worldwide. Whilst the benefits are tax assessable as income, premiums are 100% tax deductible. Cover is generally restricted to 75% of pre-existing income and a range of additional benefits can be included at an additional cost.

Total & Permanent Disability (Tpd) Provides Cover If You Are Disabled During The Term Of The Policy, You Or Your Beneficiaries Will Receive A Pre-determined Lump Sum. In Most Cases The Benefit Payable Is Tax Free. This Too Can Be Provided As Part Of Superannuation Or As Standalone Cover Outside Of Super.

Life Insurance Cover Provides A Benefit For Death From Any Cause. (Suicide After The Policy Has Been In Force For 13 Months). This Type Of Insurance Can Be Included Either Within Your Superannuation Or Outside.

Trauma Cover Provides A Lump Sum Benefit If You Suffer A Disability Or Are Diagnosed With One Of The Critical Illnesses Covered By The Policy. It Is A Stand Alone Policy That Can Be Held Separately And Pays The Benefit Tax -free On Proof Of Diagnosis. Your Capacity To Continue Working Is Not A Consideration In Assessing A Claim. Generally This Cannot Form Part Of Superannuation.

Similar To Income Protection Cover But Provides You With Income Cover For Your Business Expenses If You Are Disabled. If You Are Unable To Work Because Of A Sickness Or Injury You Will Receive A Monthly Benefit For Up To One Year After The Waiting Period For Any One Claim.