Is Retirement Everything You Thought it Would Be? Or Do You Want More out of Your Golden Years?

Ideally, your retirement is going perfectly. You have enough money to live the lifestyle you worked so hard for all those years. Your super and your age pension are enough to see you through and you have some money set aside for emergencies or vacations. Maybe you have a few investments that are “sweetening the pot.” However, we know it isn’t always like that for everyone.

We would like to ask you a few questions. Do you have enough money to live comfortably? Are you confident that your money will last for as long as you live? Are your children taken care of after you are gone?

We know that sometimes retirement isn’t all you thought it would be. Money can get a little tight or it can be tied up in such convoluted arrangements that you don’t know what you actually have anymore.

At Approved Financial Planners, we can help you maximise what you have and get what you have coming. Here are some of the services that can help straighten out and maximise your retirement.

  • Pension advice and counseling
  • Investment advice and financial planning. We can take a look at how your current investments are performing and make sure that they will take care of you. Sometimes we can find better investments for you and provide better returns.
  • Estate planning. We are experts at helping you arrange your estate so that your heirs get as much as possible without being negatively impacted by tax liability.
  • We can also help you work with Centrelink to ensure you have access to everything to which you are entitled.

Whether your retirement is OK or you are struggling a bit, Approved Financial Planners have the know-how to help you get the most out of what you have for the rest of your life.