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Are you an active person looking for life insurance who lives in the Perth area? Are you wondering why your premiums are so high? Here are some high-risk activities that may be raising your life insurance, courtesy of a US not for profit organisation called “Life Happens.”*

Cliff Diving

This is diving off of a cliff into water. It is exceedingly dangerous for many reasons. If you don’t hit yourself on the way down, you can sever your spinal cord when you hit the water, especially if it isn’t deep enough.*

Big Wave Surfing

Australia has a lot of world class surfing. Unfortunately, finding the biggest waves causes the most risk. If you don’t drown, break bones or suffer severe organ damage, you can fall victim to a shark attack.*

Free Running

Free running consists of running as fast as possible and jumping from roof to roof. This is an urban sport that is “best” where there are plenty of walls and railings providing opportunities to flip, jump and tumble over.*

Base Jumping

Base jumping is jumping off of a fixed object using a parachute. BASE stands for building, antenna, span, earth (such as a cliff).*

Street Luge

This is like lying on a huge skateboard and being pushed down a big hill. Speeds can reach more than 100 km/h.*

Non-Australian Division:


This consists of jumping out of a helicopter onto a mountain that would be otherwise impossible to reach and skiing down. You can start an avalanche and if you fall, you probably won’t be rescued.*

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is even more dangerous than mountain climbing because of their crampons. Crampons are the razor-sharp stakes they dig into the ice to gain a “hold.” They are also the most common source of injury for ice climbers.*

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*Life Happens, 28 October 2015: “7 Sports that Make Getting Life Insurance Hard (or Impossible!)”

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