NewsWhat Your Financial Planner Can Do for You

Why financial planning is worth the fees you may pay for their services and how you can benefit from a great financial planner.

Hiring a great financial planner can make the difference between a prosperous retirement and a small nest egg, but many people don’t know exactly what a financial planner does. Here are some services you can reasonably expect from most financial planners.

Assess Your Financial Situation and Ask about Your Goals

Your first appointment, more of a “getting to know you” than a strategy session, allows the planner to know what you want and what resources you have at your disposal. He or she will compare your income and assets against your expenses and debts to gain an accurate picture of your situation.

During the first session, you can tell the financial planner what your goals are and together you can figure out how much money you need to attain them.

Customise a Plan for You

Next, your financial planner can customise a plan to suit your needs and resources, while considering your attitude toward investment risk. The planner will review and confirm your financial objectives and any instructions you have for the planner. Your planner will also confirm your desired amount of exposure to financial risk.

Then, you will receive advice and recommendations concerning both products and strategy. We will also cover your requirements for insurance and any estate planning requirements. We will then detail the fees for the services and then get permission to proceed with your financial plan.

If you wish to change parts of your financial plan, we can take care of the changes and present you with an amended financial plan.

Insurance Review

Appropriate insurance protection is a part of any financial plan. We will go over your protection and recommend other products if necessary.

Implementing Your Financial Plan

After the above details are taken care of, it will be time to set your plan in motion. We will implement and execute your financial plan and keep you informed along the way.

Periodic Reviews of Your Financial Plan

Your financial planner will review your plan and results periodically. We recommend reviewing your plan at least once every year.

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