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If you are interested in investment planning help here in the Perth area, you may be interested in some recent developments from our parent company, AMP Capital. The AMP Capital global infrastructure platform recently added more than $1 billion USD, bringing it closer to its final close of $2 million USD.*

For its second and third closes, the Global Infrastructure Fund raised close to $400 million USD cumulatively. When the investor commitments are combined with an existing portfolio containing a diversified selection of European infrastructure equity assets, the platform has amassed more than 75% of its target.*

According to Boe Pahari, who is the Managing Partner of the AMP Capital Global Infrastructure Fund, “Investors….understand the many benefits that infrastructure provides to a portfolio.” These include: inflation and GDP linkage, high yield, low volatility, as well as low correlation with equities. Mr Pahari is encouraged because of the “increasing demand” for the platform.*

According to Anthony Fasso, CEO International of AMP Capital, the AMP Capital global infrastructure platform has drawn interest from investors in the US, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Japan and the Middle East.*

AMP Capital launched the global infrastructure platform in October 2014. Their open-ended Strategic Infrastructure Trust of Europe was converted into a closed-ended European fund. Subsequently, the Global Infrastructure Fund was launched.*

The platform is mandated to focus on “mature, brownfield assets” that hold long-term contracted revenues or monopolies in sectors which have proven to offer the best relative value. These include: energy, transport, utilities and communication.*

Currently, AMP Capital employs an experienced team of more than 60 professionals who specialise in infrastructure. They are located in New York, Sydney, New Delhi and London.*

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*AMP Capital, 24 February 2016. “AMP Capital’s global infrastructure platform surpasses US $1 billion in new commitments.”