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Most people who apply for life insurance in our Perth office are approved, but sometimes an insurance company will reject or deny life insurance. There are many reasons that people are denied, but it doesn’t always mean you are out of options. Here are some strategies that you can adopt if you are denied life insurance.

Collect Information

It can be helpful to ask the insurance company for information as to why you were denied. For example, you may have taken a medical examination that found a previously undisclosed illness.

Confirm the Veracity of the Results

Mistakes happen in every facet of business. Sometimes they happen while applying for insurance. It can be helpful to double check and make sure all information that you and other sources provided was accurate.

Work with an Approved Financial Planner

At Approved Financial Planners, we know that the first option isn’t always the only option. We use our experience and know-how to assess your information and find the option most likely to provide a positive outcome for you. Like lenders, each insurance company has its own guidelines. An application rejected by one company may be accepted by another.

Sometimes, though, you just won’t be eligible for the kind of insurance you want. In that case, we can search for similar products so that you aren’t totally unprotected.

Call Approved Financial Planners today. We have over 40 years’ combined financial industry experience. We know how to work within industry regulations to put your best foot forward and give you a great chance of the positive outcome you seek.

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