NewsFinding a Great Financial Adviser

In an environment where business, finance and real estate are becoming increasingly competitive, it is crucial to find a great financial adviser. With an investment market that is becoming even more complicated, we think that it will be even more important to have a great financial adviser who can steer you through a maze of investment possibilities and help you choose the path that leads to treasure at the end.

Before You Meet Your Adviser

Before you walk into a financial planning firm’s office, you absolutely must do your homework. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself some questions. Why do you want a financial adviser? What do you aim to accomplish? How much risk is acceptable and how much is unacceptable? What time frame are you looking at for growth? What vehicles would you like to use for investment?

When You Meet Your Adviser

After you have answered your own questions, there are plenty of questions you should ask your adviser, too. How long have they been associated with the finance industry? What is their specialty? How much money do they charge? What is their philosophy on investing? Is there a free consult? If you aren’t satisfied and want to change advisers, will it cost you anything?

You want to make sure that you and your adviser see eye to eye on most things and that you trust them. The process should be simple for you: know what you want and find a financial planner who can help you get it.

Investor, Beware

There are some patterns that are dangerous to fall into. We don’t recommend jumping around from company to company and financial planner to financial planner. While it is occasionally necessary to change planners, we can’t state strongly enough that you want to get the selection process right the first time if possible. Your relationship with your financial adviser should be long and prosperous for both of you.

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