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We offer a full menu of financial services in our Perth office. Our financial planners can help you navigate the maze of superannuation, retirement planning and other financial services to help you determine what is right for you. We cannot give any individual advice without a consult, but we would like to give you a general overview of products and techniques that can help you build wealth.

Your Superannuation Fund

Your superannuation fund can be a helpful asset in building wealth for retirement. If you call or visit our Perth office, our financial planners can help you set up a self managed superannuation fund or help you decide which super fund you feel is the most appropriate for your needs.

After we have assessed your risk profile, we can help you develop goals for your retirement based on your preferred lifestyle and tolerance for risk. We can advise you on your current funds or we can help you find funds that match your current risk tolerance and goals.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can be closely linked to your super fund, but your super fund won’t be the only factor. We can assist you in setting a retirement date and a plan to help get you there. Then, we help you monitor and execute your plan. We can consider such factors as tax strategies, superannuation concessions and maximisation of Centrelink entitlements.

Investment Planning

Approved Financial Planners is proud to offer investment planning in Perth. We have the resources of AMP to back us up. We can help you choose from the many different platforms such as shares, managed funds, real estate and a plethora of other choices.

Investment planning can include such strategies as diversifying your investments to avoid the risk of “putting all your eggs in one basket.” We can review your portfolio on a periodic basis and re-calibrate it to fit your current financial situation and your lifestyle.

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