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Do you want to do your own financial planning? We don’t provide individual advice online or on this blog, but we can provide you with some questions to ask yourself if you are thinking about doing your own financial planning.

Do You Understand Finance?

At Approved Financial Planners, we are licensed through AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited. Not only do we have 40 years’ combined experience in financial planning, we had to learn a lot about finance to obtain licences. We live and breathe finance.

Do You Have the Resources of a Financial Planner?

We have the full resources of AMP behind us. We have near-immediate access to research that those who aren’t “in the business” may not be able to find. From the financial planner you talk to in our Perth office to the AMP Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, we have access to information and insight that is difficult for those who don’t work with finances every day to access and assimilate.

Do You Have as Much Time as a Financial Planner?

As we mentioned, financial planners live and breathe finance. We work with the markets and the numbers every day, all day. When you have a full time job, it is hard to find time to adequately research things that we know as a matter of doing our jobs every day.

Can You Remain Objective?

Can you remain objective when making financial decisions or are you making them based on emotion? Financial planners are looking at your situation from outside. We are totally objective and we base our decisions on sound logic and solid information.

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