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The outlook for self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) advisors in our Perth office and their clients could soon be even better than it already is. Our parent company, AMP, recently announced that they are considering further expansion of their SMSF network. They are exploring the possibility of acquiring more offerings if they can consolidate current technology platforms. *

According to the head of SMSF at AMP, Natasha Fenech, “We will always consider acquisitions because it is part of our growth agenda.” While she did mention acquisitions, she also remarked that her main focus for the last six months has been “on organic growth and driving back to basics.” *

Ms Fenech is of the opinion that it is important for AMP to avoid administrative platform duplication and move towards what she calls a “unified technology solution.” Ms Fenech aspires to unify platforms across the “back end” of AMP into one consolidated platform. Currently, AMP has five brands of SMSF: AMP, Multiport, YourSMSF, Cavendish and Ascend. *

What This Means to You

While we will always provide the financial advice that is the most appropriate for your individual situation, we also look forward to the privilege of offering even more SMSF products from our parent company, AMP.

While keeping your SMSF “in-house” is by no means mandatory, it is better for the client when we have more in-house offerings. We strive to offer the most complete and comprehensive SMSF services that we possibly can. Adding to our offerings will help us serve you even better than we already do. Even if a new offering is only appropriate for 5% of our clients, that is still 5% whose service is upgraded.

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*Money Management, 2 October 2014. “AMP eyes expansion in SMSF space.”