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Does Your Company Have Key Person Insurance?

Do you know about key person insurance? It is a form of business insurance that protects your business if you lose a person who is essential to your operation. Here are some situations in which you may strongly consider key person insurance.

Employee Who is Difficult to Replace

If a restaurant loses a dishwasher, it is easy to find another one almost immediately. But what if you are a dental clinic and you lose your most popular dentist to a heart attack?

Young Employees

Often, succession plans are in place for older employees who are nearing retirement age. But what about younger employees who are projected to be there for years to come? If a young employee dies, it can “blindside” an organisation.

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Does Your Business Have Business Overheads Insurance?

If you are an owner or a partner in a business, you may already know about business overheads insurance. We feel that business overheads insurance is an important piece in helping any business protect its assets if the owner becomes disabled and unable to work for up to a year due to sickness or injury. In a competitive business environment such as that in Perth, it can mean the difference between your business surviving or folding if you become temporarily unable to work.

Business overheads insurance is usually used to pay overheads such as payroll, rent, utility bills, office expenses and other fixed costs. The premiums are usually able to be deducted from your taxes and the policy covers up to 100% of business expenses that are deemed eligible.

AMP Business Overheads Insurance

We are associated with AMP and they offer a business overheads insurance policy. Here are some highlights.

Indexation: When the consumer price index (CPI) rises, AMP automatically increases your cover to reflect those rises.

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