NewsDo You Need Financial Planning?

What aspects of finance can be improved by financial planning and why superannuation regulations in Australia can be difficult to navigate without qualified help.

Many Australians ask whether or not they need a financial planner. While we cannot give blanket advice to anyone, we can give you an idea of situations in which a financial planner can be helpful. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not you need a financial planner is yours to make. Here are some services we provide that may be difficult to perform on your own.

Retirement Planning

Different people attach different meanings and goals to the word “retirement.” A financial planner can help you formulate a customised retirement plan that can help you retire with the income that you want. The sooner you begin planning for retirement, the easier it is to get you there with the lifestyle you want to live.


Superannuation is designed to provide Australians with a vehicle for investing in and saving for retirement. A good superannuation strategy can help you maximise tax concessions in conjunction with any government benefits you may or may not be receiving to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Self Managed Super Funds

Recent changes have made it possible for Australians to self manage their superannuation funds and use them for investments such as real estate. Setting up a SMSF is an intricate process that usually requires professional help to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Cash Management and Debt Advice

At Approved Financial Planners, we have helped a lot of residents in the Perth area get a handle on their spending habits and reduce expensive debt. We advocate knowing exactly where your money is being spent and how much interest you are paying for debt service. We can help those in debt to formulate a debt reduction plan, including goals for how much you would like to owe in five years and when you would like to become debt-free.

Wealth Protection

We also offer a wealth protection program whereby we use insurance to protect your money from tragic, unexpected events. We can tailor a basic risk prevention strategy to your family’s specific needs and review your policies on an annual basis to make sure they are still providing the protection you deserve.

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