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Financial advisors in Perth are nearly ubiquitous. There are seemingly so many financial planners around that we can get “placed on the back burner” by many. As a result, people who have worked hard to make a good amount of money may just be letting their money sit in bank accounts and making a minimal amount of passive income.

Our Process

At Approved Financial Planners, we make it easy for you to invest. We require an individual consultation and some basic information. We will assess your risk tolerance. When we have taken all of your individual factors into consideration, we will devise a financial plan that makes sense for you.

We will present that plan and with your permission, execute it for you. You spend minimal time and effort but are able to reap the benefits of our financial planning. After we know what you want, we can research investments for you and do all of the paperwork. That means all you have to do is sign the documents.

At Approved Financial Planners, we help minimise your market risk by diversifying your investment portfolio. We do check in on a regular basis so that we can adjust your investment strategy to fit your goals, current lifestyle and financial situation.

While we make it easy for you, remember that it is always you who has ultimate control over your investments. We are here to advise and put a program together for you, but you are always welcome to tell us if you are uncomfortable with any investment or if you are really interested in an opportunity we may not have mentioned to you.

If you want to start growing your money but think you don’t have the time, one of our financial advisors can help you.

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For an individual consult, call Approved Financial Planners today. We can do the work behind the scenes and help you come up with an investment plan that requires minimal time and effort on your part: 08 6462 0888.